12241564_10153392756371859_3946242441667464905_nThe Armenian National Committee of America has launched their #BuyHay campaign encouraging everyone to shop for products made in Armenia and share the product on all social media. Well, we are doing just that and we encourage you all to do the same.

We are also going 1 step further by including a page with organizations we believe are worthy of donations as gifts, including the ANCA. The point of this site is not to be political, but to share all options of gift giving. Why ANCA? Well, first check the complete list and see what is right for you. Speaking from experience of working with them for years, the ANCA is one of the hardest working teams I’ve ever met, including the full time staff as well as the volunteers around the US that make this family unique. They also welcome suggestions on issues that should be raised, as well as invite volunteers to get involved in Armenian advocacy in Washington, DC.

For a complete list of organizations that deserve donation gifts this season, visit Donate to a Cause page. And if you have suggestions on organizations that should be on that list, please email them to me at arskhach@yahoo.com and I’ll try to include them as well.


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