Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF)

If you looked around on this site, you’ve probably seen a few mentions about HDIF already. That’s because I love their products and everything it symbolizes. I have a few items from them for my 8 month old son and he loves them. They say TV is the best babysitter, but not for my son. He loves his HDIF rattle and Berd Bear. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about toxic paints or materials used in any of their items because they are kid friendly.

But above all else, buying these great products also means supporting these wonderful women living in villages all around Armenia so that they can lead sustainable lives in their homes. The HDIF website has all the information you need about the artisans, products, and they are easily purchased online through the site and the products will be shipped in Northern America quickly.

I really want everyone to buy from these guys, all for the right reasons… quality and supporting artisans who work hard to sustain their lives in Armenia. For a full selection of products, including hand knit sweaters, hats, toys and uniquely designed aprons, oven mitts and more, visit the hdif.org online store.


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