Donate to a Cause

If you are looking to make a donation to a cause as a gift to someone, I can recommend these hard working organizations. If you feel that you know of an organization that also deserves support, please send me the link at and I’ll try to include as many as I can. Please make sure that the cause you recommend is substantial and proven to do good work. Though we try our best, sometimes there are organizations that don’t have the best intentions in mind. I’d like to make sure this list does justice to those who are the best at what they do.

Armenian Advocacy and Education

Armenian National Committee of America

The Genocide Education Project

Armenia: Children

TUMO: Center for Creative Technologies

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF Kids)

Armenia: Animal Rights and Environmental Organizations

WAD in Armenia: chalking, playing with dogs, and homeless dogs adoption action



Armenia Tree Projectthumb  / Living Century

Armenian Environmental Network


Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Support Center runs two shelters to support women and children from all across Armenia who are fleeing violence. In the absence of State support, this is a service that is desperately needed in the country. Your support today will go toward rent, utilities, food, hygienic products, and medical care for 50 women and children to help them regain their dignity and rebuild their lives in a healthy, supportive, and safe environment free of abuse.