Historic Armenia After 100 Years

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ONE HUNDRED YEARS after the Armenian Holocaust, the historic homeland of the Armenians remains unknown to much of the world. Since 1915, most of the cultural monuments of the Armenian nation in the lands of historic Armenia have been eliminated or repurposed for other uses.

But there is much that still remains.

In the groundbreaking new book HISTORIC ARMENIA AFTER 100 YEARS, author Matthew Karanian celebrates the Armenia that has avoided destruction: our monuments, our churches, and our people—the hidden Armenians who have persevered in the face of persecution.

HISTORIC ARMENIA AFTER 100 YEARS shines a light on the Western Armenia that defies eradication, and leads us on a journey of rediscovery.

For the first time since the Armenian Genocide, the cultural wealth of the Armenian nation in Western Armenia is presented in one readable and beautifully illustrated volume. This book will guide you to the history and culture of the ancient Armenian homeland– whether you intend to travel there in person, or only through the pages of this book.

HISTORIC ARMENIA AFTER 100 YEARS is the product of several years of research and photography. The book’s 176 pages are illustrated with 125 color maps and photographs, including antique photos from one century ago. All of the research, writing, and photography is original and is based upon the author’s numerous trips to the region.

My Nation: The Trails & Trials of an Armenian Repatriate

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My one and only publication from 2008 is now more like a road down memory lane. Here’s the brief:

A lifetime spent searching for my own identity led me to the discovery of history in the making. Underneath each rock I turned lay more rocks, revealing the story of a people undefined in a modern age: Armenians. This book explores the scope of a people who constantly resist assimilation, defy expectations of failure, and triumph in the face of their own doubt. This is the story of my life and my nation through the lens of my camera, my eyes.

Awakening Poster and Book Series

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Also in memory of my dear friends Sosé and Allen, a translation of Zartonk has been published with covers illustrated by artist Sako Shahinian, also available in specially printed posters.

This fascinating translation of “Zartonk” (“Awakening”) made from Armenian by Simon Beugekian is a must-have for every Armenian living in Diaspora. The story of the novel, which spans two decades, is a fictional narrative written by a man who was an activist and an organizer in the Armenian revolutionary movement. As such, “Awakening” is a historical novel deeply rooted in actual events, and offers a fresh, critical, and intimate glance into the history. This book is a chronicle of the Armenian revolution. Set of 3, 1738 pages.