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Anet’s Collection: Wearable & Tangible Art


Anet Abnous is a Los Angeles-based Armenian artist whose vision is feminine beauty and empowerment. With the female figure as her muse, she creates breathtaking abstract imagery symbolizing women’s liberation. Anet’s Collection is wearable, tangible art — the culmination of Anet’s dream to merge fine art, fashion and storytelling through elegant tees, scarves and note cards imprinted with her work.



For a very long time we have the idea to create clothes which will encourage and inspire people to express themselves through contemporary art and Armenian culture. And finally we are here with our unique and fresh ideas for you. Bambak is a group of talented people who does not produce clothes, but rather share their art works through the means of clothing. We have a strong desire to create something different and give the opportunity to everyone around to find something unique which will fit to their personality and ideas. Our t-shirts will be the first step of our journey, as our team is hoping to share with you even more designs in near future.

Liberated, Co.


Liberated: #LiberatedSociety

Scarves by Karine Abgaryan


Hand painted scarves.



Ardēan aims at designing modern items inspired by rich and distinct motifs from Armenian artifacts.



Dainese is dedicated to producing the most effective safety solutions in every arena where athletes continually push the human body and mind to surpass their prior achievements. From our motorcycle racing origins to alpine skiing, mountain biking, competitive sailing and outer space. Their products are made in Armenia.

Nvard Yerkanian


Nvard Yerkanian is cultural worker, artist and designer based in Florence, Italy and Yerevan, Armenia. She graduated in Architecture (Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction). Studied documentary photography at Caucasus Media Institute. In 2009 she engaged in a year-long Art Criticism and Curatorial Training School “Job of Exhibition and Cultural Criticism” conducted by AICA-Armenia. In December 2016 Nvard graduated from The Florence Institute of Design International in Florence, Italy with Masters in Graphic Design.



NARINÉE is a contemporary jewelry collection inspired by Armenian architectural and cultural heritage. Multi-layering and ornamental carvings being two powerful notions of this heritage, these jewelry pieces are portrayed as ‘layers’ – with each piece uniquely curated as an aesthetically bold adornment that carries a story, a narrative, an inspiration.



Թիթեռնիկ-փողկապների և փողկապների ծավալուն և անընդհատ թարմացվող տեսականի: Կարող եք ընտրել ներկայացված օրինակներից կամ պատվիրել:

(Please use google translate if you can’t read a listed language, it’s quite easy.)

With Love From Armenia

USA / Armenia is our way of bringing you treasure that speaks volumes from one of the oldest, yet only just burgeoning corners of the world: Armenia. Maybe you’ve been there already–or maybe you’ve never even heard of it. Trust us, it’s an ancient beauty–and its people’s hands are weathered and wise. As with all our collections, we believe you will love each handcrafted item and feel like you’ve journeyed to the little country that could without leaving your doorstep.

Kokchian Jewelry


Creating beauty in the world with love and passion is Kokchian ultimate mission.

Ara the Rat


Ara the Rat is an Armenian T-Shirt brand established in Los Angeles, 2010թ and currently based in Detroit, Michigan. (worldwide shipping available)




Pregomesh restores ancient Armenian cultural values, while creating new ones. We aim to spread the word about the rich Armenian culture to the Armenian youth and to people around the world in general. Founded by Sirusho, she pays detailed attention to every piece produced, from designing her own samples to giving a modern touch and breath to the ornaments used centuries ago. Conducting a lot of research and working with the best handicraftsmen of Armenia, we try to help Armenians to adhere to their roots and meanwhile be trendy and original. We are proud of our roots and our rich culture so rise and let the world know about it… All Pregomesh pieces are a result of a thorough research of historical Armenian jewelry, in order to interpret the symbols, patterns and ornaments true to the original designs. Once familiar with the origin and meaning of a piece, a draft design is drawn by hand in several variations. As modern fashion trends are crucial to Pregomesh’s values, we choose a sketch, which best meets the criteria of combining both, historical background, as well as, modern trends. The first sample of the jewelry is then made based on the agreed design. The main steps of making the pieces include soldering, hammering, ornament crafting, polishing, choosing the size and colors of the stones, clipping of the stones and testing the jewelry. All the steps are carried out by hand. The final look of the piece is usually agreed on when 2 to 3 samples are produced. Some pieces require more samples before a final design is chosen. Furthermore, each component also passes a quality control. Overall each Pregomesh piece takes about one month. The final step of the production is the naming of the pieces, for which, the team comes together to choose the best possible name based on the ornaments and the design characteristics of the piece. Each step of jewelry making at Pregomesh is filled with love, passion and a notion of giving new breath to the cultural heritage of humanity.

Ara Aslanyan


Cool tshirt designs inspired by Armenian culture.



Արտույտը հիմնադրվել է նպատակ ունենալով ճանաչելի դարձնել հայկական արվեստը, թե Հայաստանի ներսում, թե նրա սահմաններից դուրս: Մենք ստեղծում են շարֆեր հայ ժամանակակից նկարիչների նկարներով և կոլաժներով։ Գեղեցիկ և յուրօրինակ շարֆերի միջոցով Ձեզ հնարավորություն կընձեռնվի ճանաչել հայկական արվեստի բարձրարվեստ նմուշները՝ սկսած միջնադարյան մանրանկարչությունից մինչև ժամանակակից աբստրակցիոնիզմ։ Artuyt was founded with the goal to make the Armenian art recognizable inside or outside Armenia. We create scarves with paintings and collages of modern Armenian artists.

Im Zarduh


Բարձր հարգի արծաթյա զարդեր,որոնք կընդգծեն Ձեր անհատական կերպարը ։ ) – 91408899

Gayane Yerkanyan


Extrabold Art-Shirts for Extrabold People.

Berq Studio


Men and women’s outdoor fashion.




Yeghvard Shoes


This factory was founded in the suburb of Yerevan called Yeghvard in 1968.At first this factory prduced rubber shoes(kalosh).Then in 1996 started to produce sport shoes under the brand of Adidas.After some problems with Adidas headquarters Yeghvard started to produce shoes under his own brand mark.

Karas silver salon


Unique handmade silver jewelry from armenian designer Karine Avetisyan (Kara).



Sunny Handmade -ը պատրսատում է զարդեր բնական ծաղիկներով, պայուսակներ և դրամապանակներ բնական կաշվով, կավե տարբեր աքսեսուարներ, ընդունվում են պատվե:

Varduhi Sargsyan


Varduhi’s father makes these amazing products with leather and has no website, which is kinda old school and cool. But you can contact him through Varduhi at 818 8615885 via text or email her at Gotta love the family business. 🙂

Abris Jewelry


Karen, the designer, artist, maker and CVO at the helm of Abris, will work with you to create a memorable piece for your special event. She is the original handwriting and photo reproduction designer using traditional metalsmithing techniques, taking numerous clients’ loved ones memories which have been stored in albums and files, to beautiful artisan jewelry. Karen will work with you to create the perfect jewelry suite for your family reunions, wedding parties, or the perfect gift for your friends, family, or you. All you need is a clear photo of the handwriting, artwork, handprints, footprints, paw prints, any image or handwriting that is sentimental to you.

The Silver Crane


Conflict-free and eco-friendly jewelry is more enjoyable to wear! In this spirit, I am working towards only using sustainable and ethically sourced materials in my work, displays and packaging. I strive to only buy materials from suppliers that engage in ethical and environmentally appropriate practices. All the metals I use are recycled and not mined. My packaging is made from recycled materials.


Cyprus | Worldwide

ArtZard is a young venture. Although the craftsmen and women involved have been working and producing in Armenia, authentic handmade ornaments—such as rings, pendants, necklaces for over 15 years. We have seen that there is a need for Armenian handmade pendants and jewelry, especially in the Diaspora. We make sure that we deliver every pendant to our loving customers with great care. Մեր արվեստի գործերը ներշնչված են հայի ինքնությամբ, որոնք ստիպում են ավելի հպարտ զգալ’ կրելով այն: Հայերը, հանդիսանալով աշխարհի քաղաքացիներ, կարող են առաջարկել և մատուցել բոլորին իրենց իսկ ձեռքով պատրաստված նուրբ և գեղեցիկ աշխատանքները!

Bronzite Pendant


Our pendants are made with love in Armenia, featuring tunique traditional ornaments. Shop now to get free shipping.


Can’t find any information about this one other than she’s a fashion designer with a big portfolio. Worth a look.

Sonya Avagian


Avagyan’s passion combined with her distinct taste drives her forward in becoming a prominent young Fashion designer. Her eye for fashion has developed through years by studying art different cultures. She has been working to bring awareness to Armenian products .Her designs have evolved from caricature T- shirts to a name in fashion through her meticulous focus to detail.

Avagyan’s Goal is to show the world Armeian culture with a new vision and image.



Tangian is known for her urban and minimalistic designs .

Loom Weaving


LOOM Weaving is an Armenian knitwear brand founded in 2014 by designer Inga Manukyan. LOOM offers a wide variety of fashionable knitwear products. Loom’s beautifully designed knitwear collection of cardigans, sweaters, dresses, scarves, jackets, skirts, hats etc. are practical and stylish. We mix Armenian handmade embroidery with the modern sewing machinery capacity and as a result we get cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous products.



RUZANĒ բրենդը առաջարկում է ինքնատիպ, նորաձև և ամենակարևորը՝ հարմարավետ հագուստներ, որոնք կընդգծեն Ձեր յուրօրինակությունը և բացառիկությունը:
Հեղինակային ոճ, յուրօրինակ դիզայն և կրեատիվ լուծումներ. Ահա այն ամենն, ինչ առաջարկում է RUZANĒ-ն:
Գրեք մեզ |, Զանգահարեք | +37494213137. RUZANĒ creates unique exclusive designs that will impress, dazzle, shock and even mesmerize. Find your comfort and define your own rules of style with RUZANĒ. Email:, Phone:+37494213137



Z.G.EST is a young fashion brand of Armenian origin recently launched but well recognized and very successful in the local market. We put high emphasis on quality, capturing the newest trends in the fashion world and brining unique touches to our collections.

Z.G.EST is encrypted as Zero Gravity Established to state that our clothes are comfortable and cozy to give the feeling of zero gravity.

Z.G.EST woman is self-confident, smart, and unique, always in the centre of attention, a role-model and style icon for the others. She is not afraid to experiment and our clothing and accessories make her even more creative and serve to her best fashion aspirations.

Each collection of Z.G.EST can be recognized by three main features:

  1. Shirt as the core and prevailing item

  2. Transparent elements

  3. Smart style with non-standard design solutions

Z.G.EST’s styles are limited edition – we minimize the risk of meeting someone else wearing the same look.

The brand has a goal to penetrate into international markets shortly. Online sales with worldwide shipping will also be launched in 2018.