For the Home

Zanazan Magnets


Armenian themed canvas paintings and more, represent our rich heritage, lovely culture & strong spirit. Very unique for home decoration and special gift.

Gifts from Armenia


This website was created to bring you products that are ONLY MADE IN ARMENIA and ARTSAKH. The items you will find here are handmade by Armenian women, children and disabled Armenians in over a dozen villages and towns across the country, creating a number of different types of products. When you make a purchase from our website, you are actually helping these families make a living and encouraging economic growth. Below you can find just a few of the individuals, a brief description, and the products they make.

Arpi Krikorian Illustration Products


Personalized Household Items displaying artworks by Arpi Krikorian.



We create premium learning products, home items, apparel, stationery, and custom design.

Nvard Yerkanian


Nvard Yerkanian is cultural worker, artist and designer based in Florence, Italy and Yerevan, Armenia. She graduated in Architecture (Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction). Studied documentary photography at Caucasus Media Institute. In 2009 she engaged in a year-long Art Criticism and Curatorial Training School “Job of Exhibition and Cultural Criticism” conducted by AICA-Armenia. In December 2016 Nvard graduated from The Florence Institute of Design International in Florence, Italy with Masters in Graphic Design.

Sharan Products at Crate&Barrel


Christmas Tree Ornaments made by Sharan. To support healthy trade between Armenia and the US, purchasing Sharan products through Crate&Barrel will strengthen such relationships. Consider both possibilities.



Home products sold by Taline Shirozian on Etsy.

Oysters and Purls


Hello, and welcome to Oysters and Purls! My name is Armenuhi, but you can call me Am! I am the founder and creative mastermind at Oysters and Purls. Why Oysters and Purls, you ask? Well, I always wanted to share my passion for knitting, motherhood, food and travel with everyone. So, here goes! Oysters: food and deliciousness; Pearls grow in oysters: motherhood; To purl is the “opposite” of to knit: therefore, pearls get substituted with purls!; “The world is your oyster”: home and travel. Stick around for lots of fiber related talk, get inspired as I share my knitwear designs, hold my hand as I go through this journey of motherhood, or simply join me as I continue to explore the world! Either way, enjoy the ride and thank you for stopping by!



All-natural cosmetics, made in Armenia with your beauty in mind and health at heart!

J & M Lather


A few years ago I was trying to come up with a unique idea for party favors for my daughters birthday. I decided to take a shot at making soapsicles. They turned out to be super cute! After the party, I kept thinking of other food items I could make out of soap. This is when J&M Lather began. I love making soap and hope you love what I make!



Այստեղ դուք կարող եք գտնել և ձեռք բերել տարբեր տեսակի իրեր, որոնց միավորում է միայն մի բան, աշխարհի ամենաբարի նկարազարդումները:)

“Bari” is a unique brand that represents very many kinds of products joined by a single thing: the cutest and the kindest illustrations in the world 🙂

Lala Manukyan Art


Various home and fashion items creatively designed and made by Lala Manukyan.


Paris / Worldwide

HōV is the result of the collaboration of two friends, Shiraz Mouradian and Jean Tarakjian. Their friendship began when they were only 6 years old. Over the years, traveling and various adventures they developed an attachment to respect for nature. Their complicity and complementarity naturally led them to come together to develop new projects while they were still students, in perfumery for Shiraz and in business school for Jean. It was two years ago. They wanted to share their passion for the art of living and culture by making people travel. They packed their bags and went to Armenia, the land of their ancestors, with one goal: to find inspiration for their first olfactory creation. HōV is a French brand of scented candles that we have imagined and created together Our olfactory creations find their inspiration in the culture of the peoples of the East, through travel and discovery.Our imagination has drawn from a daily punctuated by the crop plants, picking fruit, commodities become symbols of civilizations encountered. We covered places abounding vitality, workshops which expresses a craft still alive, and attended observing rituals. Turn to honor these peoples, such is our ambition as storytellers of olfactory stories.

Narine Barseghyan


Contact me if you want to order customized handmade baby blankets, pillowcases, table runners, and napkins.



Gugoco is a New York-based experimental art design boutique with a sense for all that is beautiful, practical and meaningful. In many ways we owe it to our Armenian heritage and the values it instilled in us. Gugoco was inspired by Khachqar – the Armenian Cross-Stone, which ultimately defined the direction of our designs: Authentic • Meaningful • Armenian

Armenian Ornaments


Hand Crafted Armenian Inspired Ornaments.