For the Home

With Love

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Though there is only one home item included in this special gift box, the meaning behind the gift is beyond personal to me. In memory of my dear late friends Sosé and Allen, this box is inspired by the talented and promise of a magnificent new generation full of creativity. You can also look below at VerdePharm for more of the soap products included in this gift.

Take a look at the rest of the products in the beautifully crafted gift box at their website. Boxes are limited, get them fast!

Homeland Development Initiative Foundation

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There is a long list of products for the home you can find on this site from ceramics to tote bags to iPhone and iPad covers. They have very unique jewelry and traditional Armenian dolls too.

This is one of my favorite sites because they have so many great handmade products. Speaking from experience, their kids toys are amazing too.

Make sure to read the stories about the people involved and the great work you would be supporting by purchasing their handmade products.

Verde Pharm


As seen in the gift box from With Love, Verde crafts these raw rustic gift soaps that are fantastically beautiful, organic and healthy. The story behind the creator is pretty fascinating too. Read more here about this Syrian Armenian who developed a sustainable business in Armenia with her create skills and creativity.

Unfortunately these soaps are not readily available for purchase online, but if you contact the owner through her website, special orders can reasonably be made with a little time and planning. Please do contact her, she seems very nice.

Michael Aram

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Oh sweet delectable beauty for my eyes, you are a gift to us all Michael Aram. Yes, I said it, you are a gift! Just visiting his website, my eyes do a happy dance. I’m sure I don’t need to say too much about Michael Aram’s products and I know he has become a household name of sorts, especially in the Armenian community. But I will add to that with a personal story.

My mother is absolutely one of his biggest fans and she went to go see him at… I want to say Bloomingdales, when he came to present his newest products. He apparently fell in love with my son, who accompanied my mother, and my son stole his glasses to slobber all over them. He was the kindest gentleman, and of course extremely creative. I shed a tear when my dog broke my only Michael Aram platter in the house. I loved that platter. But there is so much of his work available everywhere and as it is a popular gift item, it is easy to get and you are still supporting the talent of a creative Armenian by purchasing his products.

Thanks for entertaining my son, good man.


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I actually know nothing about the creators of Gugoco, but my God their products are beautiful, and all with Armenian themes. From Smartphone cases to scarves, they have beautifully crafted each item with a twist of traditional and modern ornamentation. Just take a look at their website, you’ll see what I mean. Beautiful.

Arpi Krikorian Pillows

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This page came recommended from a couple sources and I found it worthy of a mention, the art work is pretty creative.

Alma Handmade

$$ | OLP: US

A dear family friend of mine Lena Shirinian makes beautiful gift soaps on her free time and they are great gifts, particularly her holiday collection. She has a shop on etsy and a facebook page where you can follow her new products and where she will be selling her soaps. She’s based in DC, but her products are available for online purchase through etsy too. Make sure to order in advance, it will be worth the wait!